About those ‘Candidate Surveys’


  1. No, I will never use the law to prioritize a pregnancy over a woman’s life. It is her life.
  2. I believe that all responsible gun owners understand the need for sensible laws.
  3. I will follow the Constitution above the Bible. Although I have deep moral convictions I would never force a religious belief from one religion through law and onto the rest of society.
  4. I have not served for 2 sessions without a history for people to see, but remember because a bill looks like a great idea because of the name – it could produce the opposite results. Please, just ask me.
  5. To the GraniteTaxPayers’ survey? Maybe your questions should be more in line with the truth of why our taxes continue to rise well out of proportion to services or their cost? Cutting taxes at the state level means our property taxes explode. It really is a state income problem.

There is one survey that I care deeply about that I will answer because I would like to help support almost any bill addressing these issues.

The Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy

Why you might ask?

The single biggest reason that businesses are frantic for employees is that Young Educated Workforce that once made The NH Advantage is no longer coming to or staying in NH. These are the points brought up in their Survey.

Medical Leave Insurance, earned sick days, child care assistance, advance notification of work schedules, establish a minimum wage, and support higher education with state funding.

These issues matter to families and should be prioritized in our legislature before businesses begin to leave the state along with our younger citizens.