Nashua had been made aware that our airport was losing business and in turn so was the city. We were successful in substantially lowering the most burdensome registration fees, increasing the chances that corporations will register here and bring with them more business.

“HB124 requires quarterly reporting by airport owners, modifies registration and operating fees for aircraft, and adjusts the distribution of operating fee revenue.”
Signed by Governor Sununu 06/12/2018; Chapter 237; I. Sections 1-5 eff. 1/1/2019; II. Rem. eff. 7/1/2018

I was also part of making life a little better for foster families and the children they care for.

HB1562 provides for collaboration between the department of health and human services and foster parents, requires the department to provide foster parents with certain information, and enables foster parents to participate in certain meetings and court hearings for a child in their care.

Signed by Governor Sununu 06/25/2018; Chapter 301; Eff. 8/24/2018

While working in the NH State House, we were able to pass Paycheck Equity.

As a Member of the Labor Committee, we received hours of testimony making it clear that this would benefit NH in many ways. Women and men came to testify that NH needed to face this issue to make the state more attractive to young families and retain the workforce needed by our growing economy.



We also wrote several bills, requested by a Ward 1 Constituents. One actually saves lives.

We were told that this had been attempted every year, and no one could bring it through the Legislature to the Governor’s desk. But this one billt made it clear to the Transportation Committee that NH was ready for the Hands Free Law.

Our new law is being copied around the country as sensible, reasonable, and smart.