Our State Budget has no fat

One of the biggest problems NH’s government faces is the erroneous complaint that we tax too much. As a state we tax very, very little. We actually tax much less than we need to run the state well, and it’s getting worse each budget.
As an example, on receiving the monthly update on drug overdoses I read in the fine print that we have 91 cases from this year that are still “pending toxicology”. Why? We simply don’t have enough staff. Why? Cuts every budget mean the most expensive portions of department budgets get cut, and that portion is the people who do the work to keep NH functioning. 
TV attack ads that blame the governor for taxing us? Are lying to you. House and Senate candidates, and those for Governor that promise tax cuts? They’re lying to you. And those cuts to taxes and fees they promise to deliver? All they do is lower the cost to places like Walmart, and raise your property tax, just to stay even… 
If you want NH to break, accept those lies – otherwise, look deeper into the facts and vote blue – to bring us closer to running this state efficiently and sensibly.
By the way…
The number of drug deaths in NH is expected to top 480 in 2016.