(Legislative Service Requests – a bill in the making)

Two labor-related bills I hope to bring forward this fall and ask members of my committee to support next year.


SalaryHistoryAnti-Discrimination Act


I’ve also been asked by a constituent to offer the:



And another to AllowLandlordstoBanFirearms.

“A landlord can prohibit tenants, including those who hold handgun carry permits, from possessing firearms within leased premises. Such a prohibition may be imposed through a clause in the lease.” The opinion goes on to state that landlords who prohibit firearms through a lease are not required to post “gun-free” signs.



And lastly, my deep concern is also for the growth of Charter schools and their lack of accountability – all public schools, making use of any public funds including tax credits -scholarship programs – vouchers – savings accounts, should follow the same rules, regulations, and guidelines.