When I first ran for the House, I tried to learn everything I could from everywhere I could.

This was one of the first documents that gave straight – simple – and clear information. It’s dated, and could use an update, but the organization no longer has the staff. They would be very happy to have someone else update it. An Advocacy Handbook

When you’re ready for real up-to-date information, dive in, go right to the source.

I’ve picked out the pages that are most helpful.

General Court – The Main Page

NH House – This is where you can find your legislator, the upcoming bills

NH Senate  Ditto

Advanced Bill Look Up – The best place to find everything about a bill

List of House Calendars -These give us a week-by-week look at almost everything the House is doing

Calendars for the Senate -This is the same for the Senate


Indivisible has an excellent – and very comprehensive – resource –  Advocats’ Guide to NH Government