These two things can work together, We don’t have to disagree.




One of the very first questions some people ask when I knock on their door? “What about the 2nd Amendment?”

I find it hard to understand why this is of primary importance since no one – NO ONE – is coming to take guns away. I do know, however, that the Gun Lobby is spending ~millions~ to keep people upset.

So why the fuss?

Good question! I think its about money and power for the weapons industry, and in helping to elect the kind of people who blindly support loosening laws, you also elect people who may be more inclined to loosen other laws for other corporations.

The real issue here is that older gun laws need to be made appropriate for today, certain people cannot be trusted with a weapon, everyone should have some level of training, and if your negligence leads to a death or wounding – your right to have a gun should be removed or limited.

So let’s work together to make the country safer and keep gun ownership a worthy tradition, but let’s also work toward preventing more gun tragedies. Together.

(This really is an issue we should address)