Positive Legislation Defeated by the Republican Majority


A number of proposals supported by House Democrats were killed or sent to study by the Republican majority in the 2017-2018 session.  Among other things, these bills would benefit working families, taxpayers and school districts.  

A Democratic House majority is essential for these proposals to receive the consideration and support they deserve!  

HB 115 (2017) – establishing a state minimum wage and providing for adjustments to the minimum wage.

  • This bill would establish a state minimum wage law, which was repealed in 2011 under Speaker Bill O’Brien.
  • Proposes a wage scale of $9.50/hour beginning in 2018 and $12.00/hour beginning in 2019.  Beginning in 2020, the rate would be adjusted annually to reflect increases to the cost of living.
  • New Hampshire is the low-wage island in New England – every surrounding state has a minimum wage higher than the federal standard.  
  • Keeping the minimum wage as low as possible will harm New Hampshire businesses.  Low rates will NOT help to draw in or retain young people in our state.
  • Please see additional information on page 35.
  • Voted Inexpedient to Legislate by Republican-controlled House
  •  I voted against killing this very smart change for our hard working low-wage neighbors.

HB 485 (2017) – relative to standards for emerging contaminants in drinking water.

  • This bill would require the Department of Environmental Services (DES) to use exposure scenarios in children and other vulnerable populations to determine ambient groundwater quality standards.
  • Would allow DES to set more stringent standards for PFC exposure than are required by the federal Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Delay in the implementation of this bill increases the risk of exposure to PFCs. 
  • Tabled by Republican-controlled Senate.
  • Standards that equal our neighbors, that would help identify issues, that would help to save the health and live of constituents)

HB 628 (2017) – relative to a family and medical leave insurance program.

  • This bill would establish a system of paid family and medical leave insurance, which would help New Hampshire attract and retain young workers, enable parents to bond with children, help meet the needs of an aging population, and advance the health and productivity of New Hampshire’s workforce.
  • Tabled by Republican-controlled Senate.
  • I voted to pass this every single time it came back to the floor, despite committee after committee trying to kill it – the Governor demanded the Senate members stop this before he had to veto it, his corporate funders did not want this.

HB 413 (2017) – relative to payment by the state of a portion of retirement system contributions of political subdivision employers.

  • This bill provides that the state shall pay 15 percent of contributions of retirement system employers other than the state for group I teachers and group II members.
  • The state contribution to state employee retirement costs was eliminated in 2011 during Bill O’Brien’s tenure as Speaker. 
  • Voted Inexpedient to Legislate 172-166 in the Republican-controlled House. 
  • Most Republican members of the Nashua delegation either stayed out that day or left the room to avoid going against their leadership