When asked about my agenda?

I Support Investing in Nashua's Future

I believe in supporting NH’s Working Families, Including Healthcare
Ensuring Quality Public Education, Including Higher Ed.
Building Lasting Infrastructure, Including Rail
and Protecting Our Environment and Our Communities



I’m running because decisions are being made for us in Concord, and some of those decisions are just plain wrong.

You simply can’t say no to state spending if, in the long run, it will raise our property taxes, and every budget from the state seems to punish Nashua this way. Less for our schools and less for our City means fewer services and more we have to pay in our own taxes just to tread water.

We can do better, investing in our state by creating a manageable budget that plans for the future saves us in the long run… and that’s just good management.

Just one more thing...

The 2017 Drug Death Data Summary

NH 2017 Drug Death Data Summary   Summary Of 2017 NH Drug Overdose Deaths   from the OFFICE OF CHIEF MEDICAL EXAMINER  In 2017, 1,817 deaths fell under the jurisdiction of OCME. Autopsies were performed …


That is my Legislative Score for last year by a group that is poison to NH. https://www.nhcornerstone.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Cornerstone-Scorecard-2018.pdf To this group, religious freedom is when everyone is forced to follow their …